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Berry’s Size and Scale Helps Meet Demands for Food Packaging

Due to current circumstances, consumers are posing the question- what food do I really need on my shelf? According to market trends, the answer is shelf-stable foods. To ensure freshness and safety, reliable food packaging has become increasingly important.

Some companies are increasing production and adapting their operations to meet the new demand for shelf-stable foods and beverages, as well adapting to the interesting increase in fresh food products due to many families cooking at home. The challenge for some companies has been the ability to receive product in a timely manner. “Food retailers are focused on ensuring local sourcing to overcome the risk of cross-regional transportation bans. Food manufacturers with facilities in other countries have begun working with local suppliers to keep product moving,” claims Food Business News.

Due to our size and scale, food manufacturers are able to rely upon our Company to manufacture the products demanded in the marketplace in a timely manner. We supply the complete package for our customers, which includes containers, lids, closures, bottles, and more. In addition, our food packaging is designed for a wide range of products, from fresh soups and dips to snacks and peanut butter. Our packaging provides an excellent barrier to help extend shelf life, so our customers can more easily manage their inventory and pantry supply for their consumers.

We have over 120 plants in North America, which is ideal during this period of potential supply chain challenges. The multitude of plants helps ensure consistent supply in case of disruption caused from temporary shutdowns or transportation issues. Using the most innovative supply chain practices, our locations are willing to help maximize output for our customers and meet the demands of consumers during this challenging time.

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