Enhancement Technologies

Smart Packaging

Berry's current and future developments of smart packaging empowers your brand and packaging with technology to increase consumer engagement and loyalty. One technology, Digimarc, eliminates the need for printed codes by embedding a digital watermark into the image on your decoration. Any market will benefit from Digimarc when you need to provide digital content or simply improve the scanning ability of your product.

Pad Printing

Pad printing can deliver production level printing on almost any surface. Textured surfaces often require Pad printing in order to legibly deliver instructions and required messages on vials and syringes within healthcare for measuring and dosage indentation. Pad printing can also be seen on some beverage products.

Ink Technology

Color change inks are a great way to enhance your design on your package with a true 'WOW' factor. Temperature sensitive inks can change when the product is hot or cold, as well as Photochromic inks changing with UV or sunlight.  HPP (High-Pressure Pasteurization) Verification Ink is a color change ink that is applied to a printed part. As it passes through the HPP process, it will change colors ensuring the consumer whether it is safe or not. 

Screen Printing

Screen Printing delivers bold colors, an optional tactile feel and opaque bedding behind imagery or text. When utilizing Screen Printing, you are brushing across a silk mesh or metal screen to create a full experience that seems as if the design is standing off the package. This high-end decoration makes it ideal for beauty, personal care & cosmetics packaging products to deliver a premium shelf presence.

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