Berry Circular Polymers

Berry is one of the largest specialist plastic recyclers in the UK, and we operate a wide range of leading edge recycling technologies across Europe. We purchase plastic scrap and waste to reprocess into high quality polymers.

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Specialists in Plastic Waste Recycling and Compounding

With unique global access to plastic waste and leading recycling technologies, Berry Circular Polymers can deliver high quality sustainable polymers tailored to your unique needs.

We partner with trusted suppliers to ensure consistent access to plastic waste from a variety of sources:
  • Kerbside derived plastic waste streams from materials recycling facilities
  • Unwanted plastic stock & damaged plastic products from industry
  • Production scrap from manufacturing
  • Granulated or flakes plastics from manufacturers or recyclers

Our leading recycling technologies cover sorting, size reduction, washing, compounding, and decontamination to deliver quality, homogenized materials for circular products.

Sell Your Plastic Waste

With our leading edge recycling technology there are very few plastics that Berry Circular Polymers won’t be able to buy to reprocess into high quality, homogenised materials.

We Buy Plastic Scrap

Our Recycling Services

Berry Circular Polymers offer a complete plastic recycling solution – whatever your needs.

Industry Leading Logistics Solutions

We have a dedicated logistics team supported by our own fleet of vehicles. We offer fast collection and delivery across the UK and EU with a range of trailer options from curtain siders to tankers. All of these tailored to your needs including stand trailers and containment if required.

Market Leading and Flexible Commercials

From long term contracts to spot arrangements we believe that you can benefit from working with us. Our knowledgeable, skilled and friendly commercial team are able to help you maximize the value of your waste stream and find tailored products to suit your needs.

Cutting Edge Recycling and Processing

Optical sorting, de-metalling, de-dusting, contaminant removal, washing, drying, colour sorting, extrusion, decontamination and bespoke formulation. We have a wide range of technical solutions that we use to enable quality recycling of many polymers.

Rigorous Quality Control

With our on site testing facilities and highly skilled personnel we are able to ensure that we meet the high standards of our customers. With the capability to tightly control batch production combined with our extensive laboratory capability we can consistently control:

  • Colour
  • Melt flow
  • Impact and physical properties
  • Contaminants

Uncompromising Regulatory Standards

We meet or exceed both UK & EU regulations on both Environmental compliance and quality standards:

  • ISO and Bsi accredited
  • EuCertplas accredited
  • Operation Cleansweep accredited
  • Fully permitted by the Environment Agency
  • PRN accredited
  • Skilled in international export and import
  • REACH compliant
  • US FDA non-objection for food use for some products

History – A Lifetime’s Experience in Recyclable Plastics

Render of Lemington Spa facility - Berry Circular Polymers

Berry Circular Polymers – Experts in waste and scrap plastics recycling.

Berry Circular Polymers comprises the two long-established business of PLASgran and bpi recycling, both of which are market leaders in the provision of highly efficient, competitively priced recycling for a vast array of scrap and waste plastics.

Established in 1999, PLASgran developed a reputation for providing exemplary recycling services for rigid plastics and a wide range of compounds and regrinds to suit a demanding industry.

bpi is recognized as a pioneer of flexible plastic recycling in Europe. Over the last 30 years the company invested extensively in polythene film washing and recycling to reprocess waste polythene from a wide range of sources.

Both bpi and PLASgran were acquired by the RPC Group - in 2016 and 2018 respectively – to create one of the UK’s largest recycling business. Subsequently, the RPC Group was acquired by Berry Global, enabling the business to establish a truly global reach.

Today, Berry Circular Polymers continues to operate with a relentless focus on providing high quality and consistency in both its recycled materials and services. This enables us to maintain our position as one of the market leaders in the UK and European plastic recycling industry.

We believe that we offer a unique and unparalleled service for our customers and communities which is unlocking the circular economy and delivering real sustainability.

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