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Berry Global offers extensive expertise across markets and technologies. Our Education Hub provides tools and information to help our customers deliver maximum impact at progressing towards a circular economy.

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As leaders, we are sharing our knowledge through regular webinars, focused on educating thousands on topics including efficiency in operations, lifecycle analysis, and package optimization. Webinar attendees consistently report they learn something new from our sessions.

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Benefits of Plastic Innovation

Protecting and preserving food through the supply chain is the number one way to reduce food waste in the world. Berry Global continues to innovate to find new and improve ways to create solutions that reduce food spoilage and disease in order to maximize our global food supply.

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The Economic Value of Recycled Content

Berry Global places a firm focus on creating a positive environmental impact through streamlined operations, continuously engaged partners, and optimized, eco-friendly products. We are determined to minimize waste and natural resource usage across the globe by partnering with customers and partners to realize the economic value of utlizing recycled content. We believe we can increase both recycling access and recycling rates while improving the quality of life across the globe.

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Learn About Plastic Myths Debunked

From production to pollution, there are plenty of plastic facts you should know. Let's dive in.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Education

The simple basis for a circular economy, when we reduce, reuse, recycle, and renew, we ensure the resources available to us will also be available to future generations. Read on to learn more about how to follow our five Rs of plastic products.

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