Circular Solutions

Leveraging our proprietary processes in design for circularity, Berry Circular Polymers can help optimize the environmental benefits of the plastics you produce by reprocessing them into fully circular solutions.

From Recycled Feedstock to Circular Products

Berry’s extensive knowledge and innovative technology creates a culture for the design of circular polymers that offer significant environmental benefits when compared to virgin polymers. Our Berry team can help partner with you to connect your product goals with established principles for design for circularity, resulting in more sustainable solutions for your brand and business.

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Breadth in Flexibles Expertise

Our flexibles recycling operation has the scope and expertise to reprocess a variety of materials, including LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE, specialising in pre-consumer and post-consumer polythene from commercial, industrial, retail and agricultural sources.

Our latest development is the installation of the first wash plant and recycling facility in the UK that is able to recycle both flexible and rigid plastics. (Utilising an advanced purification process, the plant produces high quality and consistent recyclate that can be used in a variety of industrial and consumer rigid and flexible applications such as storage boxes and collation shrink films.)

With an extensive network of waste collection partners, we can ensure the reliable and efficient transfer of your waste to us.

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Leading Technology in Rigids

Our leading-edge recycling technology for rigid plastics reprocesses the widest range of scrap and waste plastics into high quality, homogenised materials. The state-of-the-art reprocessing centre - including purpose-built wash and separation plants - cleans, sorts, shreds and/or granulates a wide spectrum of recyclable plastics to produce superior raw materials for all moulding requirements, including injection, blow and extrusion.

We now also offer our unique CleanStream® recycling technology, the first closed-loop system to mechanically process domestically recovered household waste polypropylene (PP) back into food-grade packaging. (Automated sorting and decontamination processes that integrate online sensor technologies and machine learning algorithms are able to produce consistent quality food-grade recyclate that meets the stringent requirements of international standards.)

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