Flexible Circular Polymers

As a leader in the journey towards a circular economy, it is Berry’s mission to increase the amount of waste plastic recycled in Europe. By partnering across the value chain, taking used films and flexible plastics and sorting, cleaning and reprocessing them into reusable materials, we are able to preserve natural resources and reduce the amount of plastic waste going to landfill.


Our advanced in-house facilities have the capacity to recycle approximately 200,000 tonnes of waste plastic annually from a wide range of sources including packaging, commercial, industrial, retail and agricultural. And our Centre of Excellence testing laboratory provides in-depth evaluation to ensure the highest quality of recyclate for the manufacture of second life products.

What We Recycle?

We recycle a variety of polymers for use in many different applications. Our Sustane® range of premium quality shrink films, for example, contains 30 percent recycled content and delivers high levels of technical performance, allowing its adoption for a wide range of applications where previously prime polymer was used.

With recycling facilities in both the UK and mainland Europe, we can help our customers achieve their sustainability goals on a local, national and international level.

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