Selling Your Waste to Help Drive Circularity

As a global leader in recycling, Berry Circular Polymers purchases nearly all types of plastic waste and reprocesses it into quality, homogenized materials for circular products.

Recyclables Suitable for Reprocessing into Regrinds or Compounds

Scrap and waste plastics are not waste to us. We process them into high quality materials and give them a new life in our state of the art facilities. The finished regrinds or compounds are carefully quality controlled and matched to tailored customer requirements.

Scrap and waste plastics are given a new life and in most cases they directly replace the need for oil derived virgin polymers.

If you create plastic scrap or waste in most cases you also consume it.  Why not talk to us about how we can work together to create fully circular solutions for your products.

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Baled and sorted kerbside collected plastics:

  • Rigid PP (polypropylene) bales
  • Mixed plastic bales

We accept plastic scrap and waste, as well as sorted, rigid polypropylene bales and mixed plastic bales from:

  • Local Authority Collections
  • Materials Recycling Facilities
  • Plastic Recycling Facilities

Circular Solutions

Leveraging our proprietary processes in design for circularity, Berry Circular Polymers can help optimize the environmental benefits of the plastics you produce by reprocessing them into fully circular solutions.

With an extensive network of waste collection partners, we can provide a trusted partner in your area.

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Contact us to discuss how we can work together to unlock the value of the plastics you produce, sell your plastic scrap & unlock the circular economy.

We Buy Plastic Scrap

Materials Recycled

Manufacturers Waste

  • Moulding scrap – Rejects, over runs, colour changes and redundant stocks
  • Lump / purgings – From colour and material changes
  • Extrusion sheet scrap – Roll stock, skeletal waste and trims
  • Mixed rigid scrap
  • Re-grind & redundant prime material

End of Life:

  • Wheelie bins – Production waste or end of life
  • Crates – All types taken including crates with handles and labels
  • Buckets – No food contaminated

Packaging Waste

  • Caps and closures – Single, two and three piece caps
  • Containers – Bags, trays and boxes, crates, pots, tubs & trays
  • Bottle scrap – Post industrial bottles, drums and cans or baled post consumer
  • Woven bulk bags
  • PS / PP plant pots & trays
  • Polythene films – polymer bags, agricultural films, bubblewrap
  • 99:1 pallet covers/hoods, 98:2 stretchwrap, polythene foam
  • Dairy wrap, garment covers & mixed coloured distribution film

Redundant Stock:

  • Automotive waste – Car bumpers, panels and handles
  • Roll stocks – Printed, unprinted or laminated OPP & OPS
  • Polythene films – Clear or coloured with or without labels

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