Photo-Realistic Printing

Flexographic Print

Flexographic printing's photo-realistic quality is used in food, healthcare, household and beauty & personal care markets. The saturation build and consistency between colors delivers photo-realistic images on any substrate with Flexographic printing. The artwork moves with the package as it is engaged by the consumer.

ICONIC Printing

Iconic printing is proprietary to Berry primarily for food market customers who desire a photo-realistic look on their label to enhance their package. This hybrid type of Flexographic printing is designed to print onto 3-D containers and lids when utilizing the traditional four-color process (CMYK + 2 spot colors and varnish).

Dry Offset Printing

Dry Offset printing provides a high-speed, widely accessible and consistent print quality and is very cost-effective for containers, lids and drink cups when ordered in large quantities. Dry offset printing uses a relief plate that transfers multiple colors to a rubber blanket. The rubber blanket then prints the image directly onto the package and the final product is cured with a high-intensity UV light.

Digital Printing

Digital printing produces high-quality graphics filled with vivid colors, spanning across 80% of the pantone color book. Digital printing is a seven-color ink jet printing process that is applied directly to the surface of a formed lids thus expanding your billboard space by 40%. Low minimum quantities and high print quality offer a solution in high versioning categories.

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