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Flexible Film Manufacturing

Film Printing

Reflecting brand color and image on bundled products can be achieved with our printed shrink films. Berry's ten-color flexographic printing technology can create high-quality graphics from pantone or custom colors. Compatible with flexographic printing, our slitting and converting processes offer the ability to cut a master-roll of film or laminate into a specific width and/or diameter. Slit width and roll dimension can be customized to your needs.

Bag Making

Berry offers an array of bag making manufacturing options. Film is run through a series of machines that allows the film to be folded, sealed, perforated and cut which converts the film into a finished bag.

Blown Film

The blown film extrusion process uses air pressure to expand the film and then cooled to solidify, collapse and wind the film into rolls. Berry offers up to 9 layer capability in order to allow for greater performance of the film due to barrier properties and strength enhancements by combining layers.

Microporous Breathable Films & Laminates

Microporous breathable barrier film and laminates are produced with one or more layers of polymers without fillers, along with a combination of two or more microporous breathable layers. This process allows transmission of water vapor, but not liquid water delivering finished product that can improve skin health, comfort and provide a softer feel for health and hygiene products.

Cast Film

A cast film process uses simultaneous extrusion of two or more materials from a single die to form a multi-layered, more complex film. Berry offers up to 11 layer capability to build in functional layers in a single step. The multiple layers can produce thinner films with more loading strength by combining specific material properties in the layers.

Corona Treating

Berry Global can provide films with Corona treatment to promote wet out of inks, primers, and adhesives. Treatment can be applied on one or both surfaces of the film and be optimized for specific applications.

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