Label Application Options

Brand & Gaming Promotion

Berry offers a patented technology to apply Promotion labels or Inkjet Coding to your package for promotion marketing. Our safe, secure process ensures all legal requirements are met.

Pressure Sensitive/Self-Adhesive Labeling

Pressure Sensitive and Self-Adhesive Labels are produced with an adhesive backing that is applied directly to the package. Various decoration capabilities can be utilized when producing this type of label.

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves highlight the curvature and contouring of specific packages. The sleeve allows coverage of your product from top to bottom with bold graphics, and provide a tamper evident seal when required. Shrink sleeves are regularly used in the dairy market, but can also be seen amongst the food markets on products like confectionary jars and dressings.

Heat Transfer Labels

Heat Transfer labels help protect your package in rain, snow or shine. The image is reverse printed onto a roll of film, usually with a white backing, followed by a layer of adhesive. The film is then transferred, using heat, off of a transfer paper to the container. Your label will be secure after printing and is capable of an array of finishes based on your needs. Heat transfer labels offer a durable finish that is primarily utilized in the DIY space and industrial markets.

In-Mold Labeling

In-Mold Labeling offers a triple threat benefit…design, durability and distinction. The functional and aesthetic benefit caters to improved shelf appearance and label endurance for your package. A pre-printed, polypropylene label is placed into a mold cavity that is identical to the final package. When plastic resin fills the cavity, the label is permanently fused to the package therefore making a solutions on lids and containers across almost every market.

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