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The calendering process is primarily used in producing duct tape, flashing tape, and PE film tapes. A calender uses heated, rotating rollers to merge a solid rubber-based adhesive with a film or film/cloth laminate material to produce tape. Calendered tapes are generally low in volatile organic compounds.

Adhesive Coating

In the adhesive coating process, a thin layer of adhesive is deposited and spread in a thin layer to a substrate or carrier to produce a tape. Solvent-based acrylic, emulsion (water) acrylic or hot melt adhesives can be deployed on a film backing. Coating lines incorporate measurement systems and quality control to produce consistently to product specifications.

Release Treating

Release treating is the process where a coating is applied to a substrate or carrier to impart specific performance properties such as desired unwind. This process allows formulation of a customized adhesive tape structure to suite specific customer needs.

Sheet/Film Extrusion

Using heat and pressure, raw resin is melted and rolled into flat sheets of plastic and film. After this proccess, these sheets can then be cut and molded into different shapes using additional proccesses.

Finger-Lift Edge Technology

Finger-Lift Edge™ Technology simplifies the process of starting and removing the disposable release liner. For double-coated and transfer tapes, we offer the ability to have the release liner wider than the pressure-sensitive tape leaving an "edge" for the end-user to grab.

Adhesive Formulation/Mixing

Berry Global can provide in-house formulation of custom engineered adhesives using state of the art mixing equipment. We can pair your custom adhesive with a variety of carrier or liner options to design a unique tape to meet your customer requirements.

Custom Printing & Packaging

We can customize printed backings on release liners as well as cores, labels, and other packaging components. Custom branded and private label options are available.

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