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Non-Woven Manufacturing

Adhesive Bonding

Adhesive bonding joins substrates by means of adhesives that create a bond between the other surfaces and substrates. Berry offers small batch sizes that allow for run size and SKU flexibility.


Berry's Everist nanofiber media uses electro-spinning to deliver a finer melt blown and membrane material that allows for finer liquid filtration. Electro-Spinning uses electrical force to draw charged threads of polymer solutions into nanofibers and form them onto a carrier substrate.


A polymer is melted, extruded by small nozzles and blown into very fine fibers by hot air. The melt blow process can be used for air filtration and liquid filtration applications.


Spinlace combines multiple substrates and airlaid pulp fibers through hydroentangling using our proprietary Apex® technology. Spinlace offers excellent strength to weight ratio for wet and dry wiping applications. Berry Global offers customized designs when required.


Extruded resin from spunbond and/or meltblown create webs and are then bonded with multiple patterns. Berry Global offers a broad range of options including colors, resin and/or chemical additives and weights to enhance performance.


Spunlace is more cost-effective and offers a variety of added chemistries like colors, FR and surfactants. Spunlace hydroentangles carded webs using either belt or proprietary Apex® patterns.


This technology is cost effective and produces products that meet performance demand in the Healthcare, Hygiene and Specialities segments. Spunmelt uses multiple polymer blends, additives and pigments via an extrusion, web lay down, calendar bonding and slitting one pass in-line process.

Through Air

Through air bonded technology delivers products to meet the performance demands of the Hygiene and Specialties segments by providing products that are thicker and more three dimensional than typical non-wovens. Products meet the required air or liquid handling properties through hot air bonding of bicomponent polymers.

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