Suavis 3D for Nonwovens

Improve the look and feel of nonwoven and film with the addition of embossing and/or perforation.  3D embossing provides improved aesthetics, softness and can act as a cushion while reducing the surface area in direct contact with the skin improving comfort, air circulation and fluid handling.

Product Information:

  • Basis Weight (gsm)
    18 g
  • Color(s)
    Custom Color
  • Custom color(s)
  • Material

Features & Benefits:


  • Enhanced cushioning for soft Topsheet solution.
  • Improving comfort and air circulation.
  • Advanced fluid management and breathability.
  • Driving the optimization of Acquisition Distribution Layer.
  • Engaging visual image for premium Topsheet design.


  • Suitable to process spunbond and carded nonwovens.
  • Application in Topsheet, Backsheet and landing zone.
  • Possibility to choose perforated or non perforated.
  • Options for different patterns. Custom designs available.
  • Broad range of basis weights starting from 18 gsm.

Regions Available

  • Global

Ideal For:

Hygiene Baby, Adult Incontinence, Feminine Care, Wipes, Healthcare Apparel, PPE, Packaging

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