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In the fight against COVID-19, sanitation has reached heightened levels of importance. We manufacture the essential products that help support the personal care, healthcare, homecare, and pharmaceutical industries during this unprecedented time. With 120 plants in North America, we are equipped to offer a broad line of products to help keep us clean and safe. 

Our US manufacturing plants have increased output for 
in-demand items, which is helping to keep manufacturers and contract fillers supplied with these vital products to help in the fight against COVID-19. We also offer custom solutions. 

Packaging for Hand Sanitizer

We offer a wide range of stock bottles and closures that are suitable for hand sanitizers. Our stock hand sanitizer bottles range from 1 to 16 ounces, and we provide a full line of dispensing flip-top closures to complete the package. 

Our US manufacturing plants have increased our production capacity, which helps keep manufacturers and contract fillers supplied with these vital products. Custom solutions are also available. 

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Packaging for Soap and Cleaning Products

Need packaging for soaps and cleaners? From bottles to closures, we help meet your needs. Our stock product line includes PET and HDPE bottles ranging from 1 ounce to 1 gallon, and come in a variety of shapes. Custom designs are also available for soap packaging and cleaner packaging. 
A full line of complementary closures, including sprayers, continuous-thread, dispensing, and child-resistant options help you achieve your ideal package. 


Packaging for Disinfectant Solutions

Top off your aerosol and non-aerosol options with our wide selection of overcaps. Our overcaps, shells, and spray­throughs come in a variety of colors, materials, and gram weights to fit virtually any bottle or can. Decorating options include: metallization, silk screen, hot foil, and label applications. 

• Over 125 different sizes and styles, from basic overcaps to advanced spray-through technology
• Supports necked-in, straight-wall, aluminum, and DS container style cans
• Button sprayers, trigger sprayers, and patented U Straw sprayers offered for an assortment of can sizes

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