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Injection Molding

Compression Molding

Compression molding is a very accurate manufacturing of closures. This high-speed process inserts a small amount of plastic into a cavity, then uses a rotary motion and multiple dies to form a closure.

Cube Molding

Cube molding is used to create closures with a better grip and distinct look. Multiple units inject plastics to form a part, resulting in different functions and feels.

Multi-Component Injection Molding

Very similar to traditional injection molding, two materials and/or colors are combined into one part at the same time to produce one or more high-quality plastic parts. This kind of process is cost effective and improves design and function of products.

Insert Molding

Insert Molding is an injection molding process of adding special parts into a substrate. The insert is placed into the mold and then the plastic is formed around the insert locking it into place. Insert Molding is ideal for threaded inserts and adding functionality to a part.

Mold Creation

Molds are created by teams within Berry working together to optimize components developed around the plastic part. CAD Models are released to manufacturing in our internal tool shop. Molds are constructed from heat treated tool steel run through CNC work cells. Final assembly occurs at the tool shop with qualification completed at the molding facility.

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