Dimensional Decoration


Apex® is a proprietary technology to Berry that combines advanced web forming and lasers to deliver customizable three-dimensional images directly into the wipe fabric. Apex® allows for customization of images and shapes. This state-of-the-art laser and web forming technique results in improved product performance at a lighter weight.


Braille can be used to accentuate a key design element or logos, and can assist visually impaired end-users as well. While Braille can be applied across all markets and products, this varnish is typically seen on beauty & personal care products.


Debossing adds a dimensional depth to your packaging to better highlight specific design detail and messaging that typically is used to enhance beauty, personal care & cosmetics packaging. The desired design is first created within the packaging mold. The chosen design is then imprinted into the front of the substrate, resulting in indentation of the design area. The debossed sections are lower than other surrounding areas on the package.


Embossing creates a 3D affect to your artwork by delivering a raised surface, typically on beauty & personal care or food & beverage markets to improve the appearance of your design.  The desired design is first created within the packaging mold. The design is then pressed into the back of the package, resulting in certain areas of the substrate to be raised. The embossed areas are higher than other surrounding areas on the package.


Perforation is typically applied on product sleeves and bottle caps by creating rows of holes into a material. Perforation is usually used to deliver a tamper evident closure and provide end-user ease when opening the product.

Finish Textures

Typically used with flexographic printing, tactile features can add a range of textured finishes. Depending on the thickness of the varnish applied, finishes can range from a soft layering to snakeskin, and even glitter.

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