We are proud to be a global leader in packaging. Our pharmaceutical packaging expertise spans the full range of drug delivery routes. From child-resistant and senior-friendly closures to user-independent droppers, we can also develop custom packaging solutions to fit your specific needs.


Surgical & Infection Prevention

Our surgical product offerings are second to none and offer manufacturers the ability to address the highest levels of infection prevention, including AAMI 4 level. Our solutions for the surgical suite include: adhesive tapes, films, breathable and non-breathable laminations, and absorbent and barrier nonwoven fabrics.

Disinfecting Wipes

 Disinfecting Wipes

The increasing rate of hospital acquired infections is a worry to us all. We are fighting back with a wipes product range that supports disinfectants and their required contact times with supporting materials that medical professionals can trust.

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Medical Packaging


We help protect products, patients, and professionals with medical device packaging. Manufactured in ISO 9001 facilities and engineered to your exacting specifications; our technology range for medical packaging includes: adhesive tapes, forming and pouch films, laminations and top web, and nonwoven fabrics.


Our Nutraceutical offerings, which cover nutrients, dietary supplements and herbal products, include a large selection of overcaps, jars, bottles, and canisters.


We manufacture a complete line of containers and closures for over-the-counter medications, while adding child protection and senior adult use safe packaging features as necessary.

Medical Tapes

Medical Tape Applications

With products for direct skin contact, medical device assembly and securement, surgical drapes, wound care and more, the Polyken® brand of medical pressure sensitve tapes has been trusted by medical OEMs, converters, and professionals for decades.

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