High Pressure Processing


Benefits of High Pressure Processing

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a cold pasteurization process that destroys bacteria using pressure. Packaged food products can achieve a longer shelf life with HPP, thus reducing the need to use artificial ingredients or additives to extend shelf life. 73% of US consumers agree it is important that ingredients on a food label are known entities and would be used at home.1


The package must be able to survive up to 87,000 pounds per square inch (PSI in a water filled pressure chamber. A robust container, strong seal, and minimal headspace are all important criteria to consider when selecting a package to support HPP. It is important to test the package with a specific type of food in it and specific sealing parameters prior to use.

Total Solution

The benefit of working with Berry for your HPP needs, is we can provide the entire solution. Starting with our technical services team, they will help guide you through the testing process. From there, our containers, film, lid, and decoration all work together to get optimal results. Contact us to learn more.

Fresher Product. Cleaner Label. Total Solution.

Features and Benefits:

Decoration: A wide range of decoration including print, In-Mold Label, pressure sensitive, and shrink sleeve available to differentiate your product.

Container Strength: Special polypropylene resin blend, designed to hold up to the rigors of HPP, means less breakage during the process.

Sealability Strength with Peelable Ease: Our proprietary Clear Seal 650Z film combined with our container, forms a strong seal, yet easily peelable. Seals used with Clear Seal 650Z films can be up to 40% stronger than other comparable types of films. 2 

Consumer Perception: Consumers like our containers because they have a secure lid seal, stores better in the refrigerator, and hold up to dishwasher and microwave heat. A better consumer experience with the package contributes to an overall consumer satisfaction with the product.

Sustainability: Polypropylene containers are widely recyclable. Complement your product with a recyclable package.

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2 Internal testing Sept 2017