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Your personal passion inspires change toward a more sustainable future. That’s why we are listening for the next opportunity to act.

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Whether your passion lies in More Recycling, Reducing, Renewable or Reusing, each one of us has the power to create change. That change can come quicker, be bolder, and have greater impact when we collaborate across the value chain to do More Together.

We can achieve More Together. That’s why we want to know… What’s Your More?

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More Recycling

Access to More Recycling accelerates a truly circular economy. Designing products for recyclability and disposing of them in the right recycling streams can help aid in the reuse of materials.

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More Reducing

More Reducing uses less of our precious natural resources to improve the health and longevity of global ecosystems. Optimizing product and packaging design, improving operational efficiencies, and taking personal actions to reduce waste and energy use helps us all move towards a more circular, net-zero economy.

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More Renewable

Increasing the use of products made from responsibly sourced renewable resources, such as sugarcane waste and reused cooking oil, helps reduce our dependence on finite, petroleum-based resources. Collaborating across the value chain to secure scalable access to alternative energy and More Renewable solutions helps us decouple from fossil fuels that make virgin plastic.

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More Reuse

Repurposing products in our communities and homes helps move away from single-use products to keep waste out of our environment. Designing products for More Reuse and ensuring convenient access to product refills can improve environmental health.

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What's Your More Testimonials​

Bob Gillies​

Product Development Director

"I want More Reusing because I see the impactful opportunities that consumers and our customers have to use products over again, diverting waste from landfills."

Debra Wilson​

Material Science Director - CPNA

“I want More Recycling because I believe with standardization and guidance to correctly dispose of products, we can give plastic multiple lives."

Madyson Partenheimer

Commercial Sustainability Manager - HH&S

"I see the successful evolution of the plastic substrate through value chain collaborations that focus on More Reducing in several ways – reducing our use of virgin materials, reducing landfill waste, reduction in energy consumption"

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