More Reducing​

The reduction of unnecessary materials helps conserve natural resources and lower operational emissions. By switching to lighter-weight or adding circular materials, we have the expertise to help identify and implement projects that help customers meet their sustainability goals.

Our Progress with More Reducing​

We support More Reducing by cutting greenhouse gas emissions across our entire company (scopes 1 [direct], 2 [indirect], and 3 [supply chain]). Optimizing product and packaging design, reducing operational energy use, and collaborating with suppliers with similar sustainability priorities helps lessen our carbon footprint.

Partner Showcase: More Reducing

We are working with environmental NGOs and leaders across the value chain to drive More Reducing by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions globally. For example, we have developed science-based emission reductions targets to support the transition to a net-zero economy by partnering with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the United Nations Global Compact, World Resources Institute (WRI), and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) enabling us to accomplish More Together.

Taking Action to Drive More Reducing​

Making an intentional effort to contribute to More Reducing is likely easier than you think. There are countless, practical steps you can take to reduce your environmental impact.

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Join Local Cleanup Efforts​

Volunteer for a local cleanup effort in your community to help reduce the amount of waste in the environment.
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Change Your Car's Air Filter​

Check to ensure your car has a clean air filter, noting a dirty filter could increase your car’s fuel consumption by as much as 10%.

(United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2022).

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Check Product Labels ​

Before purchasing an item, check the labels to see if a product is made from recycled content. This will help reduce the number of items landfilled or incinerated.

Want to discuss opportunities for More Reducing?​

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