50mm Oval Tube Tube

Product number: RPC_GEN0014

Manufactured as monolayer or multilayer with EVOH barrier, Berry Astrapak’s range of tubes suit a variety of squeezable products in the personal care and cosmetics, hardware, confectionary, and food products markets. Efficient output capabilities allow for both large and small quantity production runs. Available in a round or oval shape, tubes can be produced in multiple sizes ranging from 19-50 millimetre in diameter, containing volumes from 10-250 millilitres. Multiple decorative options ensure that the look and the feel of the tubes complement your brand. Corresponding closures are available in screw cap format, or as screw-on and snap-on flip top closures while product integrity is ensured with tamper-evident seals on all closures.

Product Information:

  • Manufacturing Technology
    COEX - Co-Extrusion
  • Neck Diameter
    22 mm
  • Neck Type
    Snap On
  • Color(s)
    Clear, Natural, White, Black, Custom Color
  • Material
  • Shape
  • Surface Finish
  • Width
    50 mm

Features & Benefits:

  • Tamper-evident bands on all flip-top caps offer ultimate protection
  • Decorative foiling on caps and tubes to enhance product image
  • Variety of varnishes to provide matt/gloss appearance and varied textures for feel
  • Align flip-top caps with the front panel of the tube for excellent on-shelf presentation and user-friendly orientation
  • Accurate patch and wrap-around labelling ensure the most demanding designs can be used on tubes
  • Multi-colour screen print decoration features bold, accurately aligned colour decoration
  • Foil seals on all screw top tubes ensure the integrity of the product to end-users

Regions Available

  • Africa

Ideal For:

Face cream, hand cream, body cream, skin cream, shaving cream, face wash, soap, toothpaste, pet shampoo, topical ointments and creams, sunblock, skin protection

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