Bottle Wrap Stretch Machine Film

Bottle Wrap Stretch Machine Film - Palletization film for transporting unfilled bottles. Features an outer slip layer and a very light inner cling layer. Engineered to provide adequate containment without crushing fragile loads. Specifically designed for the bottle manufacturing industry. Options -> Width: 20 and 30 inch. Gauge: 37

Features & Benefits:

• Low gauge offerings

• One-sided, light cling, allows for easy unwrapping at bottling facilities

• Containment without compression, ideal for lightweight bottles

Ideal Load Types

• A Loads

• Unfilled, non-boxed, palletized bottles


• Automatic or semi-automatic wrappers

• Recommended Prestretch above 200%

General Stretch Capability

• 37 ga – up to 240% for 20” width; up to 260% for 30” width*  (*Wrapper condition, design and speed will affect operability window.)

Regions Available

  • Mexico, Central America & Caribbean
  • North America
  • South America

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