Transcend™ Ultra- High Performance Stretch Machine Film

Transcend™ Ultra- High Performance Stretch Machine Film. Developed with proprietary MAC™ technology to withstand the most challenging wrapping scenarios. Toughness to withstand rough equipment and a wide range of operation conditions, Robustness in its ability to wrap C-loads, withstanding puncturing and preventing punctures. Reliable performance in most environments, including cold, freezer, and various levels of humidity. Options -> Width: 20 and 30 inch. Gauge: 40,47,50, 55, 65, 80.

Circular Solutions:

Reduced Carbon Footprint*
* Vs. previous generation of Berry product

Features & Benefits:

• Toughness to withstand rough equipment and a wide range of operation conditions

• Robustness in its ability to wrap C-loads, withstanding puncturing and preventing punctures from developing into web failures

• Efficiency in operations: fewer film breaks equals less down time

• Sustainability: use less film, reduce costs, and waste


Load Types - Ideal for the following

• A, B, and C loads

• Ability to downgauge for A and some B loads

• Awkward and heavy materials such as stone, brick, wood, etc.

• Products that have high puncture probability

Wrapping Environment

• Reliable performance in most environments, including cold and freezer

• Humidity: high, medium, or low



• Overhead straddle, turntable, or both

• Recommended RPM range: all

• Optimal pre-stretch range: 200%, up to 300% (thickness and application dependent)


Targets for Replacement

• Transcend 47–55ga films—replacing commodity-type films of 70–80ga

• Transcend 40ga—replace high performance 45–60ga films

Regions Available

  • Mexico, Central America & Caribbean
  • North America
  • South America

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