Arctic Armor™ Ultra High Performance Stretch Machine Film

Arctic Armor™ - Exceptional performance in extreme cold and dusty environments. Ultra High Performance, Cast, Machine Film, Aggressive One-Sided Cling. Options -> Width: 20 and 30 inch. Gauge: 45, 51, 61 and 68.

Features & Benefits:

• Maximizes overall load stability and containment with less film

• Great puncture and tear resistance

• Excellent performance consistency

• High, reliable one-sided cling

• Ideal film clarity for product scanning


Ideal Load Types

• B and some C loads

• Down-gaugeable for A loads



• All equipment types, including rotary arm and high speed

• Recommended RPM: All

• Optimal pre-stretch range: 200%, up to 300% (thickness and application dependent)


Wrapping Environments

• Temperature: Ideal for most cold, frozen, and dusty environments

• Humidity: High, medium, or low

Regions Available

  • Mexico, Central America & Caribbean
  • North America
  • South America

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