Memory Flex™- K7 Custom Multi-Layer Stretch Hooder Film

Memory Flex™- K7 Custom Multi-Layer Stretch Hooder Film - Speed up packaging time in high volume applications with complete five-sided protection; designed to secure your pallet and even a greater focus on load containment. Memory FlexTM-K7 is a most efficient stretch hooder film to protect your product from the elements and ensure load stability.

Features & Benefits:

• Outstanding toughness

• Superior stretch recovery

• Puncture and tear resistance

• Great holding force

• 5-sided protection

• Excellent sealing range

• Extended width capabilities



• Reduce waste and increase return

• Clean snap back

• Improves yield and enhances containment

• Excellent load stability

• Protects from the elements

• Applicable for indoor and outdoor use

• Compliments all types of stretch hooder equipment

• Colors, UVI, and slip available



• Appliances

• Concrete (Home Improvement)

• Beverage

• Landscape

• Pet Food/Care Products

• General Industrial (chemical, resin, etc.)


Custom Capabilities

• Size Ranges: 40"–134" in lay-flat width

• Typical thickness: .002–.006 Mil

• Available in gusset tubing and flat tubing



Regions Available

  • Mexico, Central America & Caribbean
  • North America
  • South America

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