Global Safeguard™ Stretch Machine Film

Global Safeguard™ Stretch Machine Film - Developed specifically to protect bulk paper, fluff, and pulp rolls Superior abrasion resistance and increased paper roll protection keeps rolls safe during handling, storage, and transportation, as well as minimizing contamination from moisture, dirt, bugs, and more. Options -> Width: 20 and 30 inch. Gauge: 100-300.

Features & Benefits:

• Surpasses protection of both ‘regular’ stretch film and kraft paper wrap

• Effective in retaining specified moisture content of finished paper rolls

• Excellent label protection and label scanning due to film clarity

• Improved paper roll edge protection for maximum delivered roll convertibility

• Decreased waste from removal of kraft paper wrap

• Enhances finished paper roll appearance

• Easy for end user to remove protective film without damaging paper roll


Lower Costs

• Less storage space required than kraft

• Fewer items to inventory: one size of film fits most paper rolls

• Decreased change overs: same film used to wrap multiple width parent rolls 


Increased Productivity

• Enables use of automated film wrapping systems

• Low maintenance

• Industry leading roll length capabilities with 3in or 6in core film products


Typical Product Options

• Gauges: 1–3.0mil thickness

• Widths: 20in–30in

• Outside layer: No cling and high slip provides abrasion and roll to roll contact protection

• Inside layer: Low cling, medium cling, high cling, and inverse cling options are aligned to equipment and operational requirements of the user. Both three and six inch cores available.

• Roll lengths customized to maximize packaging system capabilities


Regions Available

  • Mexico, Central America & Caribbean
  • North America
  • South America

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