Project Overview

Our company has been publishing an annual sustainability report since 2015. As we elevated our public commitment to social impact, environmental sustainability, and corporate governance, we began leveling up our reporting efforts. As we began reporting across an increasing number of frameworks, the length of these reports and appendices rose from 20 to 120 pages!

Starting in 2024, we will begin streamlining our annual impact report to an executive summary of our environmental, social and governmental (ESG) efforts and offering detailed overviews of key ESG topics on our corporate website. This approach not only provides customers, investors, employees, and partners with snapshots of our ESG strategy, data, and progress, it also increases transparency to the level our stakeholders expect of global enterprises like Berry.

As part of, this online platform allows us to communicate ESG progress throughout the year, rather than once a year when the annual Impact report is made public. This team effort was organized by Jack Stone, a Sustainability Manager at Berry Global, who is a big believer that companies must operate with honesty and integrity and is passionate about being fully transparent in reporting and marketing to show customers the best part of what Berry does.

Personal Passions Driving Positive Change

More Reducing Pledge & Portrait of Jack Stone, Sustainability Manager | Berry Global“When I have kids, I want there to be something left for them to see and experience. I am passionate about More Reducing because it minimizes resource consumption and waste generation to support a circular economy and drives responsible growth. I am proud of all the work we are doing to meet our science-based climate targets and turn plastic into a positive rather than a negative for future generations.”

Jack Stone, Sustainability Manager, Berry Global


More Reducing Pledge & Portrait of Robert Flores, VP Sustainability | Berry Global“I'm most passionate about More Reducing because reduction is at the top of the waste management hierarchy. As our growing population continues to put pressure on our planet’s natural resources, we need to use them more efficiently. Using less energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions and keeping resources in use and out of our environment reduces landfill and ocean waste.”

Robert Flores, Vice President, Sustainability, Berry Global

More Reusing Pledge & Portrait of Tiffany Kelley, Marketing Strategy Manager | Berry Global"I am passionate about More Reusing and finding creative ways to repurpose what I can to expand the lifespan of the products and packaging I choose to buy. Now that I am more cognizant of the impact my consumption has on our precious planet, it has completely changed my purchasing behaviors."

 Tiffany Kelley, Marketing Strategy Manager, Global Marketing, Berry Global


More Renewable Pledge & Portrait of Katherine McEwing, Website Development & Operations Manager | Berry Global“I am most passionate about More Renewable as this reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution whilst also reducing reliance on fossil fuels and providing a pathway to peace. By embracing renewable energy and optimizing energy consumption, we foster operational resilience to climate risk and facilitate responsible growth opportunities. I am proud of the progress Berry has made by increasing renewable energy use year on year for the past five years.”

 Katherine McEwing, Website Development & Operations Manager, Global Marketing, Berry Global

Achieving More Together

  • Increases transparency by breaking down information barriers
  • Provides greater clarity on corporate ESG performance in a timelier fashion
  • Supports ESG reporting and marketing efforts by providing data to back up claims