Sustainability Strategy & Approach

We collaborate across the global value chain to advance a circular, net-zero economy that helps our customers meet ambitious sustainability goals and creates long-term social, environmental, and economic value.

Our Sustainability Strategy

As a global leader, we are committed to do more for our environment, employees, and customers. Through our Impact 2025 strategy, we are dedicated to deliver sustainability innovations for our customers and our operations.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Goals

Environmental Sustainability

To help customers meet the growing sustainability demands of today and tomorrow, we design and develop innovative products that increase the use of renewable and recycled content, minimize waste and emissions, and improve reuse and recyclability, while reducing the environmental footprint of our operations.

Social Impact

We are committed to ensuring a safe, ethical, inclusive, engaged, and rewarding work environment. By providing support where we can help the most – through donating time, resources, knowledge, and expertise – we are dedicated to creating positive impact within our manufacturing and innovation center communities across the globe.

Corporate Governance

Leveraging our unmatched global capabilities, sustainability leadership, and deep innovation expertise, we lead with integrity and prioritize responsible growth, financial stability, increased transparency and continuous improvement.

Our Strategic Approach

To create positive, lasting change and help our customers meet the growing sustainability demands of today and tomorrow, we put Berry’s Environmental, Social, and Governance efforts into practice through the lens of our customer promise, continuous improvement and responsible growth.

Customer Promise

Our customers inspire us at Berry Global. We collaborate with them around the world – whether large or small, global or local – to create packaging and protective solutions that meet performance requirements, environmental impact targets, and aesthetic needs. We are committed to helping each customer make transformative leaps toward their sustainability goals and solve whatever challenges comes next in their business.

Because our customers are at the core of our decisions, Berry’s sustainability strategy must align to support our customer priorities. And brand owners have made it clear they aim to achieve a circular, net-zero economy. With an eye toward decoupling from fossil fuels that make virgin plastic, our customers expect Berry to help them achieve ambitious sustainability goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and giving resources multiple lives through reuse and refill options, lightweighting, increased use of renewable and recycled content, and improved recyclability while evaluating opportunities to improve on an ongoing basis.

Continuous Improvement

Stemming from our history of more than 47 acquisitions, Berry has a strong, diverse, global culture that prioritizes continuous improvement. Rather than building our 250+ manufacturing sites from green fields, we have continuously worked to integrate the mosaic of acquisitions and approaches into the strength of One Berry. We listen to each other and outside experts, and continually leverage best practices at individual sites across our entire global footprint.

With safety always in focus, we push the limits of innovation for our customers with new, sustainable packaging solutions and educate on advances in material science and manufacturing. But continuous improvement goes beyond designing for circularity. To support our role as an industry leader and vision to be an employer of choice, we are continuously improving our employee experience to foster an environment where differences are acknowledged, celebrated, and used to drive growth and affect positive change. We also continuously evaluate our governance mechanisms to ensure we are prioritizing investments, improvements, and sustainability efforts that matter most to our company.

Responsible Growth

With growth and leadership comes responsibility. We take our role as a responsible corporate citizen seriously – throughout our company, across our value chains, and in the communities in which we operate. Our sustainability efforts not only help our customers minimize risk and meet ambitious sustainability goals, they also create long-term stakeholder value by advancing a circular, net-zero economy through Berry’s industry leadership position.

Responsible growth touches all the areas of sustainability. To grow responsibly, we must respect the environment and preserve our natural resources for future generations. We must respect people, ensuring human rights both in our operations as well as our supply chains. This goes even further for our employees, whom we must nurture through talent development in a safe workplace with an inclusive culture. And we must act ethically, including proper governance to ensure the things we expect to happen, do happen.

As one of the largest plastic converters in the world, we have both the opportunity and the obligation to drive the industry forward, and we are embracing that opportunity. Our Impact 2025 Environmental, Social, and Governance commitments demonstrate our progress and dedication to act for people and the planet.

Sustainability Management

The Nominating and Governance Committee is ultimately responsible for sustainability oversight and receives feedback on sustainability topics through multiple channels. First, our VP of Sustainability provides quarterly updates based on feedback from customers, suppliers, team members, and community members around the globe. This person also leads our internal sustainability team, which shares industry trends and discusses what matters most to their respective stakeholders. Finally, our materiality assessment collects information from external and internal stakeholders regarding a variety of sustainability topics. The full Board is briefed on the materiality assessment process and results, but the Nominating and Governance Committee is responsible for providing strategic direction based on the results, industry trends, and feedback from stakeholders.

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The topics outlined in our sustainability reporting are determined by a wide-ranging materiality assessment and our direct stakeholder engagement in accordance with the material topics defined in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Relevant stakeholders are chosen based on their influence or necessary contributions towards the continued success of our company, value chain, and the plastics industry.

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Disclosure Practices

We value being transparent and accessible with our internal and external stakeholders on sustainability issues and believe it is important to provide annual updates on our management approach and keep metrics for material issues in-line with the reporting principles and key report frameworks.

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How We Perform

Explore our library of current and historic sustainability performance reports, including our Impact Report, UNSDG Alignment Report, GRI Index, and more.

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