Frozen Desserts

We have a full line of stock containers that are freezer resistant for your ice creams, pastries, gelatos, and other frozen specialties.  If you’re looking to customize your packaging, let us help you find a design that’s unique to your product.

Sustainable Solutions

Discover our environmentally-friendly packaging solutions for the growing small format ice cream market. Our clear plastic pints provides a sustainable option for the manufacturers, retailers, brands, and consumers all uniting behind a circular economy.

Learn More About Designing for Recyclability

Frozen Food Rollstock Film

As a leader in frozen food packaging, we have introduced numerous innovative rollstock products to the frozen food market. K-Films™ is a market leader for frozen fruits and vegetables in FFS packaging.

We also offer innovative rollstock products like FryPak™ films for in-store bulk french fries and XL-ERATION™ laminations for high performance and high-value frozen foods.

Frozen Meal Trays

We have a long history of making custom meal trays that fit the needs of your consumer.  If you’re looking for a custom package, bring in your own design, or let us help you develop the features and design that you need.

Microwavable in the Bag Film

SteamQuick® packaging and technology is used by CPG’s all over the world in frozen vegetable, meal, and side dish applications. Our unique patented venting solution preserves nutrition and taste, as well as maximizes ease of use by consumers. SteamQuick® technology can be provided in rollstock, lidding, and premade pouch formats.