Berry Global, Deaconess Midtown Hospital, Nexus Circular, and Evansville Packaging Supply are working together to keep used, sterile healthcare plastics in use and out of our environment. Through this partnership, these organizations safely and effectively recycle non-hazardous, sterile, plastic packaging and nonwoven fabric from the hospital’s surgical suite, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and warehouse. This effort diverts around 500 pounds, or 350 bags, of clean, used healthcare plastics – from protective surgical tool packaging to unused nonwoven surgical cloths and gowns – from landfill per week.

Development of this circular initiative was spurred by Madyson Partenheimer, a Commercial Sustainability Manager at Berry Global and former healthcare worker with a passion for recycling who recognized an untapped opportunity to drive collective change. Madyson has been involved in all aspects of this effort, including educating and engaging hospital personnel and inspiring excitement for and confidence in the program amongst staff and the wider Deaconess community.

Personal Passions Driving Positive Change: More Recycling, More Reducing & More Reusing.

Circularity partnership project with Berry Global - Madyson Partenheimer - Berry Global"The need for plastic in a circular economy will remain constant, but efforts focused on how we can evolve the plastic substrate to be optimal for a sustainable future are crucial. I see this successful evolution through more reducing-reducing our use of virgin materials, reducing landfill waste, and reducing  energy consumption-and I am confident that collaboration amongst value chain leaders and leveraging our unique resources can create this trusted pathway towards circularity.”


Madyson Partenheimer, Commercial Sustainability Manager, Berry Global

Circularity partnership project with Berry Global - Mindy Carlton - Deaconess"I am passionate about recycling because I'd like to positively impact the environment for our community. It has been eye-opening to learn about advanced recycling and how much waste can be recycled and reused in an infinite loop. I am excited to help navigate advanced recycling in healthcare!”



Mindy Carlton, Surgery Business Manager, Deaconess Health System

Circularity partnership project with Berry Global - Carla, Toth - Nexus “When we understand the inherent value of plastic, we see it as a resource to be used again and again. That shared belief incentivizes investment in innovative technologies which drive more recycling, creating a flywheel effect that can change the trajectory of plastics in the environment.”



Carla Toth, Senior Vice President Business Development, Nexus Circular

Circularity partnership project with Berry Global - Jordan Coleman - EPS “Our vision at EPS is to protect our environment utilizing systematic approaches of circular repackaging programs as well as many renewable feedstock programs to ensure healthier communities. I want more reusing to continue our current growth of carbon offsets and nonrenewable resources!”



Jordan Coleman, Operations Supervisor, Evansville Packaging Supply

Achieving More Together

  • Diverts around 500 pounds, or 350 bags of clean, used healthcare plastics from landfill per week
  • Increases the amount of recycled content to be used in customer products
  • Scales advanced recycling technology to capture and reuse plastics that currently go unrecycled
  • Increases sustainability education in the local community and healthcare market