WinLock® Ultra-High Performance Pre-Stretch Hand Film

WinLock® - Ultra Performance Pre-Stretch Hand Film. We are an industry pioneer for oriented, high-strength hand wrap films. Our commitment to innovation has kept us a leader in stretch film technology for over 40 years, with next generation solutions helping our customers do more with less. Oriented film uses less material versus conventional hand films and enables user to apply consistent wrapping force. Folded outside edges reduce neck down during wrapping to allow full use of the film width and prevents roll damage and wasted material. Superior puncture and tear resistance even at low gauges. Available in coreless and light-weight core options. Options -> Width: 14.5, 15.5, 17 inch. Gauge: 24 and 28. WINLOCK® Lightweight Core - WINLOCK hand wrap, supplied on lightweight cores, is not only strong and easy to use, but also helps reduce the amount of corrugated material your facility sends through the waste stream. WINLOCK® Coreless - Coreless WINLOCK offers even greater savings in weight, efficiency, and waste reduction. Customers using 10 pallets per month of typical hand wrap can expect to remove approximately 4.8 tons of corrugate materials from the waste stream by switching to WINLOCK coreless.

Circular Solutions:

Reduced Carbon Footprint*
* Vs. previous generation of Berry product

Features & Benefits:

• Oriented film

• Folded outside edges

• Performance resin blend

• Low-gauge, lightweight rolls

• Lightweight core or coreless options


• Use less material versus conventional hand wraps

• Helps enable user to apply consistent wrapping force

• Reduces “neck down” during wrapping to allow full use of the film’s width

• Prevents roll damage and wasted material

• Superior puncture and tear resistance even at low gauges

• Easy to handle and use for improved wrapping efficiency

Regions Available

  • Mexico, Central America & Caribbean
  • North America
  • South America

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