Visqueen Preformed Units (PFUs)

Visqueen Preformed Units (PFUs) are factory manufactured three dimensional shapes. The units are formed from either Visqueen Zedex CPT High Performance DPC (Zedex Units) or Visqueen Ultimate HC Blok (Ultimate Units).

Product Information:

  • Core Type
  • Performance Category / Characteristics
    Moisture/Water Resistance
  • WVTR (Water Vapor Transmission Rate)
    0.04 - 0.13g/m²/day
  • Color(s)
  • Material

Features & Benefits:

  • Factory manufactured - reduces the risk of water ingress
  • Three dimensional shapes - simplifies complex detailing
  • Flexible materials - easy to install on site
  • Extensive range - ideal for built-in and surface fixed cavity tray applications
  • Versatile - suitable for both damp and gas proofing applications
  • BBA/BDA certified - third party certifications
  • Cost effective - speeds up installation on site
  • Multi-functional - compatible with all Visqueen damp and gas proof courses and membranes

Regions Available

  • Europe

Ideal For:

Visqueen Preformed Units are suitable for detailing complex or awkward junctions in masonry wall applications including residential, commercial and multi storey buildings. The units can also be used for complex junctions associated with membrane applications within floor constructions, e.g. door thresholds and corners etc. The units can also be used to prevent harmful ground gases from entering into the building at the above junctions.


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