Visqueen Gas Resistant Damp Proof Course

Visqueen Gas Resistant Damp Proof Course (DPC) is a flexible 0.5mm, multi-layer polyethylene damp proof course with an integral foil lining. The DPC is black on the upper surface and silver on the reverse.

Product Information:

  • Core Type
  • Gauge / Mil
  • Performance Category / Characteristics
    Moisture/Water Resistance
  • WVTR (Water Vapor Transmission Rate)
  • Color(s)
    Black, Silver
  • Material

Features & Benefits:

  • Manufactured in excess of British Standard - achieves minimum DPC requirements
  • Gas resistant - part of the Visqueen Gas Barrier system to provide gas protection to BS 8485:2015 + A1:2019
  • Multi functional - also acts as a radon resistant damp proof course

Regions Available

  • Europe

Ideal For:

Visqueen Gas Resistant Damp Proof Course is suitable for all masonry applications including residential, commercial and multi-storey buildings. It can be site formed into a built-in or surface fixed cavity tray to manage the downward passage of water in cavity wall applications.


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