Why Is Quality Important When It Comes to Plastic Recyclates?

The value of plastic recycling is widely acknowledged – using materials in waste products avoids the extraction and use of virgin materials that can carry high financial and environmental implications.  With the advancement of technology, plastic can be recycled without any loss in quality, and can also be more cost-effective option than more expensive compounds. When it comes to using recycled plastic, quality is paramount for a variety of reasons that are crucial to your business.

  • Government Regulations

    The EU Waste Framework Directive recognizes that good quality material is required as feedstock for high-quality recycling operations, and subsequently established a framework to promote high-quality recycling. Based on this, the UK has outlined laws that require certain businesses to ensure a proportion of their products is recycled.

  • Optimal Production Process

    The quality of plastic used influences the manufacturing process. Unsurprisingly, high-quality recyclates will perform consistently, whilst inferior materials that have not been tested increase the chances of performance fluctuation. It pays to choose quality recycled plastics that guarantee a more efficient and cost-effective production process.

  • Manual Labor Reduction

    Often in production, one process can impact another. Poor-quality recyclates that affect the production process will require manual labour to clean the machines between batches.

  • Waste Reduction

    Recyclates that are of poor quality are more likely to wind up being down-cycled, or in the worst-case scenario, sent to landfills.

  • Choosing a Plastic Waste Recycler

    There are several companies that offer recycling services, so how do you decide? Factors to consider include the company’s experience, expertise, facilities and customer care. A full-service recycling specialist could end up being more cost-effective, as they could handle everything, from collection and evacuation, to recycling, separation, compounding, quality testing, and delivery. Some plastic recyclers offer further flexibility by customizing compounds to your exact specifications, ensuring high quality recyclates that are just right for your business.

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