Berry Global partnered with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. to improve the recyclability of food packaging with MXD6, a high-performance barrier solution for extruded articles, such as thermoformed items and extruded plastic tubes and bottles. The MXD6 barrier is recyclable up to 12% and received Critical Guidance recognition from the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR), validating its compatibility with the Polypropylene (PP) recycling stream. Using MXD6 helps eliminate the performance and compatibility limitations of Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH), including limited recyclability and reprocessing issues that cause degradation and contamination, and offers an alternative during material shortages.

Personal Passions Driving Positive Change 

Deb Wilson Materials Science Director Consumer Packaging North America Division“I want More Recycling with standardization and guidance to correctly dispose of products, so we can give plastics multiple lives.”

Deb Wilson, Materials Science Director, Consumer Packaging North America Division, Berry Global

Numa Dongo“I'm most passionate about More Reducing and view my role as an opportunity to develop innovative, sustainable materials and products that support customers' sustainability initiatives. For example, MXD6 helps meet the needs of a growing environmentally conscious consumer segment by improving the gas barrier properties of packaging materials."

Numa Dongo, General Manager, Specialty Materials Department, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America, Inc.

Stephen Weinzapfel Product innovation Engineer "I'm passionate about More Recycling. Through continuous innovation, we can design new products that are recyclable while also fulfilling stringent packaging requirements."

Stephen Weinzapfel, Product Innovation Engineer, Consumer Packaging North America Division, Berry Global 

Achieving More Together

  • Helps reduce both food and plastic packaging waste
  • Allows brands to make recyclability claims 
  • Supports customer’s sustainability goals without sacrificing performance or product protection
  • Enhances compatibility with existing reprocessing systems, allowing for cleaner reprocessing than EVOH* 

*According to validation testing conducted by Berry Global

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