The unforeseen events and lifestyles brought on by 2020 have evolved consumer habits in more ways than one. In comparison to years prior, some consumers are appreciating the small things they might have overlooked pre-COVID-19, including face-to-face engagement, traveling, celebrations of traditions with others, and more. Owner of Penzeys Spices, Bill Penzey, says, “People are cooking to get in touch with who they are. Even if you’re alone, cooking connects you to people in your life, and that connection matters more now.”

While some of the other kitchen items and fresh produce went to waste, the spice cabinet remained popular. With a significant increase in McCormick & Co. spice sales, consumers are dedicating more time to meals like breakfast and lunch, according to NPD. Grand View Research shows that in 2019, the global seasonings and spice market’s estimated value was around $13.8 billion and will have considerable growth through 2027. Due to the expansion within this market and the increasing demand from creative cooks in the kitchen, more spice packaging is needed.

Whether it is condiments used within the household or industrial sized packaging, we have a variety of solutions. Our Lightweight Grip and XL Grip Square containers are manufactured with polyethene terephthalate (PET) and consist of up to 19% less material than the previous packaging solution. Pairing this container with one of our Large Diameter CT closures creates a complete package. Our spice bottles can help accelerate sustainability goals with the use 10% post-consumer resin (PCR) and provide product visibility due to its clear packaging. A complete spice package can be attained with our continuous thread spice cap.