Typar® Weather Resistant Barriers

The Typar® Weather Protection System is the industry's most comprehensive. Our tough wraps shield walls, keeping water, air, and weather out. Typar durable flashings, tapes and accessories helps seal every square inch tight while performing under all conditions.

Superior Protection

Safeguard your homes, buildings, and reputation with Typar®, the name that counts the most to true pros looking for top-performing weather defense.

The Best Warranty in the Business

No one beats a Typar warranty. Our superior product performance allows us to offer a lifetime limited warranty on complete, properly installed systems of wraps, flashings and tapes. The warranty also includes labor and materials.

Features & Benefits:

  • High performance weather protection
  • Unrivaled tear strength
  • Intelligently engineered
  • Total system solution
  • Warranty backed

*Typar® is a registered trademark of Berry Global, Inc. for use and sale in US & Canada. For similar quality products in other regions, we provide Tekton® brand products.

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