TYPAR® DrainableWrap™

Here’s the first thing to know: It’s from TYPAR.® That means it’s based on an already incredible material that leads in rugged, top-performing weather defense. But with a layer of integrated polypropylene fibers, we’ve added a highly effective drainage gap to shed bulk moisture. Better still, it works efficiently, no matter which direction you install it. Bottom line, are you concerned about drenching downpours, mold, and rot? Put up TYPAR Drainable Wrap to prevent water from compromising the wall cavity—and your reputation.

Features & Benefits:

• Delivers the tear strength, air holdout, and breathability of TYPAR® BuildingWrap™
• Drains significantly faster than most conventional house wraps, per ASTM E2273 testing
• Install it any direction without affecting performance
• Exceeds minimum AC38 Code Requirement for Drainage Efficiency as per ASTM E2273
• Lifetime limited warranty*

*TYPAR Drainable Wrap is part of the TYPAR Lifetime Limited System Warranty when used with the complete TYPAR Weather Protection System. Certain limitations and exclusions apply. See the TYPAR Weather Protection System Limited Warranty located online at TYPAR.com/downloads for full details.

Regions Available

  • North America

Ideal For:



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