TYPAR® DrainableWrap™ Commercial

TYPAR® DrainableWrap™ Commercial is specially engineered to protect buildings four stories and above —and give you an elevated ability to deal with excess moisture. Thanks to our patented meltshot technology that adds an integrated layer of fibers to create an effective drainage plane, it channels wind-driven rain and bulk water away from your structure. Better still, it’s TYPAR, meaning you also get exceptional strength, surfactant resistance, optimal breathability, and unbeatable UV protection.

Features & Benefits:

• Exceeds minimum AC38 Code Requirement for Drainage Efficiency as per ASTM E2273
• Drains significantly faster than most conventional house wraps, per ASTM E2273 testing
• No UV degradation for up to 12 months
• Tear strength five times greater than the competition
• Superior air and water holdout reduces energy costs
• Won’t support mold growth
• Protects indoor air quality
• Resists damaging surfactants and cleaning techniques

Regions Available

  • North America

Ideal For:



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