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As a global leader, we have a strong history of innovation and unique product design and development capabilities that allow us to be the partner of choice for companies seeking innovative and sustainable product solutions.


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Custom Solutions

Our proficiency in custom solutions helps us provide your company with the optimal innovation to suit your application requirements. Through our manufacturing flexibility, we can supply an engineered fabric or multi-composite structure, which can deliver performance, functionality, and economical advantages. For a glimpse into our capabilities and expertise, contact us to find a solution for your application.


The Fabrene Guarantee

Our technical staff will design and produce a specific product that will work for your business. We pride ourselves in continuously providing our customers with outstanding products and technical support that surpasses expectations. Our highly trained sales and service staff will provide the answers you need for your specific synthetic media applications.

For more information contact Fabrene Support at 888.322.7363 ext. 57250 or sales@fabrene.com