Work Environment & Employee Safety

Safety is our number one priority at Berry Global. We continually invest in equipment and training to achieve the safest work environments in our industry. We all follow clear Employee Health & Safety Principles that ensure everyone makes safety their own top priority.

Employee Health & Safety

With safety as our number one core value, we believe that when it comes to our personal safety and the safety of our teammates, our best should always be our standard. It is through adherence to our EHS vision and principles that we have been able to identify, manage, and eliminate risk, allowing us to have an OSHA incident rate significantly better than the industry average. 

Our EHS vision is made up of six components forming “CIRCLE”, a symbol of protection and continuity.

EHS Principles

No matter how urgent our work is we always take the time to do it safely.

  • Each of us is responsible for the safety and health of ourselves and others.
  • Each of us is responsible for our impact upon the environment.
  • We only carry out tasks that we have been trained and authorized to do.
  • We do not take shortcuts to compromise safety.
  • We never operate unsafe equipment.
  • We report and resolve hazards that could affect health, safety, and the environment.
  • We challenge anyone not behaving safely.
  • Wherever personal protective equipment is needed, we wear it at all times.
  • We ensure visitors and contractors know and follow our rules.

OSHA Recordable Incident Rate

We track our total recordable incident rate as our key performance indicator for this disclosure. Our recordable incident rate is calculated using U.S. OSHA's classification criteria.

Industry average is based on the incident rate of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses for Plastics Product Manufacturing (NAICS 3261) as published by the United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Our Team's Commitment to Sustainability

At Berry, we take our corporate responsibility as a global leader in innovative packaging and engineered products seriously, knowing that plastics are critical to achieving the global vision of a circular, net-zero economy. This is a commitment shared by our team members around the world and is core to who we are. Our Global Plastics Ambassadors Network connects employees from all geographies to sustainability and innovation. Team members are united by their passion for environmental sustainability and their desire to make a difference in the world. The Network sponsors educational workshops, contests and events focused on sustainability at Berry, in our communities and at home.

São José dos Pinhais, Brazil

São José dos Pinhais, Brazil team turns waste into energy. The Plastics Ambassadors Network in Sao Jose dos Pinhais teamed up with Salmeron, a waste coprocessor to achieve zero waste to landfill for their location. The site sent 200 tons of waste to Salmeron that blended the waste stream, transforming the waste into fuel that powers ovens in the cement industry in Brazil.

Beisheim, France

Our Beisheim, France, facility is focused on reducing waste water. When David Cortez returned from a week at the Certified Plastics Ambassadors Academy at the University of Cambridge, he wanted to make an impact on energy and water reduction. Working with the plant in Beisheim, an old compressor that was consuming far too much water and energy to keep it cool was identified. David and the site team partnered with the French government to fund new sustainable equipment and ultimately obtain International Sustainability & Carbon Certification Plus (ISCC) for the site.

Dumfries, Scotland, UK

Our Plaswood team in Dumfries, Scotland, is focused on creating a high quality, innovative durable range of recycled plastic products that are also recyclable. The products created by using post-consumer waste, diverting valuable resources from landfill and re-using it in a variety of landscape applications such as urban landscaping, nature reserve boardwalks and outdoor furniture, thereby supporting the circular economy.

Aberdare, Wales, UK

The Aberdare, Wales, Tubex facility along with the sales and product marketing teams are focused on supporting a circular economy through the tree shelter recycling service. Forestry services in the United Kingdom plant their new saplings using Tubex tree shelters. Once the tree has grown sufficiently and no longer needs the shelter, teams can use the perforated edge to safely remove the shelter and place into bulk sacks. The Berry Tubex team ensures the bulk sacks are collected and taken to the Plasgran recycling facilities to be reused in landscaping and other projects.

Employee Testimonial

"We are building an ethical culture where team members live our Values and are comfortable Speaking Up, if they have concerns. A strong ethical culture supports our internal controls and drives an effective Corporate Governance program."

Jason Greene
Chief Legal Officer | Evansville, IN | USA

"Our leaders make decisions everyday based on our Values and ethics. This provides a clear path and trustable environment for each of us to do our jobs and be proud of it."

Darci Padilha
VP Human Resources | São José Dos Pinhais, Brazil

"Ethics is part of our DNA. We maintain our industry leading reputation by generating results in line with our Values and Behaviours, including respect for human rights and proper working conditions and honoring our social and environmental responsibilities."

Søren Rohleder
CEO Berry Superfos | Hamburg, Germany

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