Our experts in material science, manufacturing, and sustainable design partner with you to navigate your circularity journey.

Guiding You to Circularity

With over 1,600 scientists and engineers, we combine our expertise in material science, manufacturing, and design for circularity to educate your team and help solve your brand’s toughest sustainability challenges.

B Circular Solutions​

Our experts leverage tools and resources across our business to create innovative solutions within our B Circular Range that progress your sustainability goals and drive circularity.

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Life Cycle Assessments

We use the lifecycle assessment tool to compare packaging options from every aspect of their life, starting with raw materials extractions to end-of-life treatment. With this tool, we make data-driven decisions to help customers make the biggest impact on their sustainability goals.

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Lowering Our Carbon Footprint​

With decades of experience in light-weighting packaging and reducing raw material usage, we have the deep-rooted design expertise to help lower your carbon footprint. By optimizing package design and materials, we utilize less energy and resin to produce more sustainable, efficient packaging.

Bmore Circular Solutions​

The B Circular Range is a testament of Berry's customer promise and our ongoing commitment to support your sustainability goals.

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Meet Our Experts

Tim Ponrathnam​, Sustainability Director

As Sustainability Director, Ponrathnam aids health and hygiene customers along their journey to implement renewable or downgauged materials to meet their sustainability goals.

Diane Marret, Sustainability Director

As an LCA champion, Marret guides customers along their sustainability journeys to minimize product impact while maintaining performance.

Thierry Bernet, Circular Economy Vice President

As a Circular Economy Vice President, Bernet uses his expertise to navigate international regulations and needs aligned to customer needs.

Demonstrating our Expertise with Customers​

Berry and Croatian Brand, Podravka, Produce Lightweight Pack Solution for Cream Spreads​

Wendy's, Berry Global, LyondellBasell Collaborate to Improve Cup Recyclability; Introduce New, Industry-Leading Clear Drink Cup​

Berry and Mars, Incorporated Help Reduce Carbon Emissions Through Lightweighted Candy Canister​

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