Bmore Circular Solutions​

The B Circular Range is a testament of Berry's customer promise and our ongoing commitment to delivering sustainable solutions supporting your goals.

Your Avenue to Circularity​

Setting ambitious sustainability goals, including a comprehensive roadmap for how to achieve them, has never been more critical. Leveraging our unmatched global capabilities, circularity leadership, and deep innovation expertise, our team is here to help you meet the growing sustainability demands of today and tomorrow. Together we can be more for people and the planet.

Recycled Plastic

Products using up to 100% recycled content increase circularity by keeping natural resources in use and out of our environment.

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In some cases, fossil fuel feedstocks can be replaced with renewable resources like used cooking oils, forestry residue, and more.

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Refill / Reuse

Refillable solutions increase the reusability of our products, reducing waste and facilitating circularity.

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Improved Recyclability​

Design changes that follow RecyClass and APR guidelines can deliver products that are more compatible with recycling systems.

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Reduced Carbon Footprint*

While still maintaining product performance, optimizing material usage and designing for reduction in transport and storage impact decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

*Vs. Previous generation of Berry product

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