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We collaborate across the value chain to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

Achieving broad, sweeping change cannot be accomplished alone. We must have the alignment and personal commitment of those we work with to be More Together. Only by collaborating across the value chain can we accelerate a truly circular, net-zero economy.

"Can recycled plastic be incorporated into food-grade packaging?"​

Yes, including circular materials in food packaging can be achieved with the right recycling infrastructure in place and partners to ensure there are no contaminants. Aligned to Wendy's sustainability goals, we created a more recyclable plastic drink cup that incorporates 20% ISCC-certified, recycled plastic on a mass balance basis.

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"What are the necessary steps to improve the recyclability of our packaging?"​

Increasing the recyclability of a solution is possible through a variety of avenues, such as creating the package from a single resin compatible with recycling streams. Conagra Brands worked with us to improve recyclability by transitioning their original packaging made from three different materials to a container made fully from polypropylene.

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"How do we maximize recycled content for circularity?"​

Maximizing the recycled content in a product is possible with infrastructure investments and organizations that support advanced and mechanical recycling. McCormick switched to a new food color bottle made from 100% recycled plastic by leveraging our global access to recycled content, achieving a 59%* reduction in carbon emissions with the new post-consumer recycled (PCR) bottle.


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"Are plastic resins compatible with renewable feedstocks like sugarcane waste?"​

Yes, plastic resins can be compatible with renewable feedstocks like sugarcane waste, used cooking oils, and more. Raw Elements partnered with Berry to secure High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and LDPE resin made from sugarcane for their sunscreen, moisturizer and hand sanitizer product lines.

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