Berry Global is proud to announce that it has partnered with Raw Elements USA, a 1% for The Planet member, to launch a sugarcane-based tube for their natural and reef-friendly sunscreen, moisturizer, and hand sanitizer product lines. The polyethylene tubes which range from two to four ounces, are produced in Berry’s vertically integrated manufacturing facility in Evansville, IN. The tubes are produced with 83% sugarcane by weight, the maximum percentage that is possible in order to include the EVOH barrier needed to protect the ingredients, plus colorant. The Face + Body natural sunscreen tube in sugarcane bio-resin replaces Raw Elements’ previous plastic tube which was made with post-consumer resin (PCR). The tubes are made from sugarcane waste that is converted into HDPE and LDPE to create a material with the same chemical makeup of fossil fuel-based polyethylene. It offers a range of environmental benefits including reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, water use and fossil fuel consumption. The bio-resin material maintains excellent clarity, squeezability, and feel, and can be decorated just like virgin material.

The tubes feature a matching cap, also produced by Berry, which is made with 25% PCR.  Raw Elements’ new line of products will be available in stores or online starting in June. This is the first sugarcane-based tube to be launched by Berry in North America. As an industry leader in sustainability Berry Global places a firm focus on creating a positive environmental impact through streamlined operations, continuously engaged partners, and optimized, eco-friendly products.

“Sugarcane-based plastic tubes are one of the many sustainable packaging solutions offered by Berry Global. This adds to our portfolio and is designed to help our customers meet their sustainability goals,” says Jamie Wayne, Product Line Manger for Tubes, Berry Global.

In 2020, Raw Elements USA introduced Face + Body sunscreen in a tube. In order to improve their sustainability, they worked with Berry to transition the tube to a bio-resin tube for 2021 and opted to introduce their new hand sanitizer and daily moisturizer products in similarly sustainable, bio-resin tubes with 25% PCR closures.  

“The bio-based, sugarcane tubes with PCR closures are a follow-through on our commitment to sustainability while always providing safe and effective personal care products,” says Brian Gaudagno, Founder, Raw Elements USA.