Tack Wipe

Designed to swiftly and cleanly remove contaminants prior to painting, the I-Tack range contains a water-based tackifier, and is compatible with all paint types

Features & Benefits:

We offer 3 different tiers of structure and tack level to help you optimise your process and reduce the risk of contamination from the cloth. All of our tack products are:

  • Compatible with every paint type, both water-based and conventional high solid paints
  • Excellent at dust pick-up to remove all dust and dirt particles from the surface
  • Leaving no unpleasant smells or sticky residue on either your hands or the car body
  • Silicone free - Avoids the contamination of surfaces

Regions Available

  • Global

Ideal For:

Automotive, AOEM, Aftermarket, Aerospace and Paint Shops

Factory Locations:

Evansville, IN


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