Suntight® is made using our innovative pre- oriented technology designed to replace netwrap in round silage bales. It is used in machines capable of applying film instead of netwrap. Suntight® provides an enhanced air barrier and helps to produce a denser bale by exerting a tighter grip around the crop as it is being baled. This results in a more compact bale and less chance of harmful oxygen being trapped within. The new combi-wrapper technology allows for the replacement of net with Suntight®, producing a tightly packed, dense bale of superior roundness. Silage bales then wrapped with SunFilm® will further benefit from an enhanced oxygen barrier, greater puncture resistance, and tear resistance. Suntight® comes in easy to open sleeve packaging, which helps save time when changing rolls, offers greater roll protection, and reduced packaging waste.

Product Information:

  • Gauge / Mil
  • Performance Category / Characteristics
    Environmental Resistance
  • Color(s)
  • Length
    1650 m
  • Thickness
  • Width
    1280 mm

Features & Benefits:

  • Enhanced air barrier
  • Additional bale protection in comparison to netwrap
  • Helps produce higher quality silage
  • Easy to open sleeve packaging 

Regions Available

  • North America


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