Sunfilm's range of silage wrap six layer co-ex silage films provides the protection your bales deserve. Film wrapping protects silage all year from precipitation, reduces bounded proteins by maintaining temperatures below 110oF.

Excellent for All Wrapping

The Sunfilm® range is perfect for all wrapping conditions, with the strength to withstand the trials of large, individual square and round bales, and survives the harshness of stiff grasses and stems.

Superior Protection

SunFilm MaxTech is excellent for everyday wrapping and helps maintain feed nutritional values. Sunfilm Gold reduces film breakage from stiff grasses and stems. Developed for combi balers, Sunfilm Platinum is hardwearing with enhanced bale protection.


Suntight® net replacement film is made using pre-orientated technology and is designed to replace netwrap in round silage bales. It is used in machines capable of applying film instead of net wrap.

Features & Benefits:

  • Helps maintain feed nutrition values
  • Tighter wrapped bales
  • Puncture and tear resistance
  • Reflective UV properties
  • High opacity film
  • 75% pre-stretch
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