Landing Zone Solutions

Strong and appealing fastening systems

Features & Benefits:


  • PPLZ37 & Snuggie®
    • PPLZ37 for Premium Peel & Shear
    • Snuggie® for softer touch vs PPLZ37
    • Very good body-grip properties
    • Flexibility to adapt to the baby’s shape and movement


  • PPLZ37 & Snuggie®
    • Nonwoven landing zone technology with soft calander
    • Nonwoven structure with excellent air permeability
    • Available in natural, ultra-white colors or printed
    • Recommended hooks: Binder 95641, Velcro HTH16A

Regions Available

  • Europe

Ideal For:

Baby Care Diaper

Factory Locations:

Evansville, IN

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