Project Overview

Guidewheel is helping Berry understand and effectively manage energy use and equipment operations to improve reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. Guidewheel’s real-time FactoryOps software helps Berry visibly track energy consumption in real time, prevent equipment downtime, and assess the efficiency of current equipment to guide investments in newer, more efficient machinery that maximizes productivity. Using Guidewheel’s real-time energy management software, Berry’s plant in Fremont, Indiana experienced a 10% improvement in operational efficiency over a 1-year period of time.

 Personal Passions Driving Positive Change: More Reducing

More Reducing Pledge & Portrait of Rob Flores, VP Sustainability | Berry Global“It is critical to reduce our energy consumption because energy represents the vast majority of the direct and indirect greenhouse gases resulting from our operations.”

Rob Flores, Vice President Sustainability, Berry Global




More Reducing Pledge & Portrait of Lauren Dunford, CEO | Guidewheel“Reducing waste is a key lever towards win-win impact for both business and the planet. We are so honored to see Berry teams using Guidewheel to achieve huge operational savings across energy, production, and maintenance. Good for business, good for the planet.”

Lauren Dunford, CEO & Co-Founder, Guidewheel




More Reducing Pledge & Portrait of Zach Marvel, Electrical Systems and Energy Director | Berry Global“Improving operational efficiency and actively managing energy can be one of our largest opportunities to reduce waste, lower costs, and lessen our environmental impact.”

Zach Marvel, Electrical Systems & Energy Director, Berry Global




More Reducing Pledge & Portrait of Dennis Carrol, Production Manager | Berry GlobalThe monitoring Guidewheel provides is helping create a culture of accountability at our plant and motivating team members to continue doing better. The electricity, and therefore cost, savings also allow us to grow and create more jobs through More Reducing.”

Dennis Carroll, Production Manager, Berry Global


Achieving More Together

  • Fremont, Indiana plant experienced a 10% improvement in operational efficiency over a 1-year period of time 
  • Lowers electricity bills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Supports environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting by backing up claims
  • Shows how sustainability can be economically viable by offering cost reductions and operational efficiency improvements
  • Helps create a culture of accountability and motivates team members to continuously improve

We are listening for the next opportunity to act. Share your personal sustainability passion here and let’s accomplish more together!